Sunday, May 09, 2021

Chairman's Message

Dear, our society still requires numbers of 'reforms' especially for those 'people', who are still forced to live on the 'edge' or below poverty line. Sometime 'they' even feel deprived of even for the basic things- including awareness about the welfare policies by centre or state governments for them, education, health facilities etc. We under the banner of 'JKM Publications' & 'JKM Welfare Foundation' address all those important issues, which are indeed 'need of hour' for the society at large. Apart from the human beings our 'Foundation' also focuses on those 'creatures' on the earth including 'birds' who can't express their feelings or needs. I sincerely hope that our true, honest and transparent efforts for the society will certainly prove helpful for the 'needy' with our principle as we have already decided. 'Helping Hand To All'

Jai Hind